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Our automated Facebook Advertising app is the easiest way to create a campaign and grow your ecommerce profits every week. We'll...

Target Your Market

90% of our customers say it's confusing to reach buyers on Facebook. To start your campaign, StoreIQ turns a survey into a long list of targeting ideas. We'll use this to test different affinity groups and constantly discover new audiences of paying customers with your ads.

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Create Your Ads

It can be increadibly time consuming, and frustrating, to create new ad sets. In our second step, StoreIQ creates the advertising content for your ecommerce store. We'll use best practices to create ad content that drives profitable traffic to your store with images, text, and links you approve.

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Grow Your Profit

Most online stores are concerned about growing their profit. StoreIQ tests your targeting, ads, and bids to make sure you grow profit every month. Our algorithm turns the results of every test into new growth experiments in your campaign.

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